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Sloane Hall by Libby Sternberg
In 1920s Hollywood, chaueffeur John Doyle falls in love with his troubled employer, actress Pauline Sloane, just as she's about to move from silent pictures to sound. When she returns his affection, he believes he's finally found peace after years of suffering...until he discovers secrets from her past that could destroy them both. 
  • "Libby Sternberg's intelligent and intriguing Jane Eyre reimagining has achieved two of the most difficult goals in a novel: being a page turner and paying a worthy tribute to Charlotte Brontë's immortal story." -- The Bronte Blog (This is such a lovely review that I'm including the link to it here.)
  • "Sternberg never loses sight of the story she's re-telling, but this novel is definitely her own. Readers have things to figure out and look forward to. Her prose flows beautifully with vivid descriptions of people and places, bringing to life a Los Angeles of times gone by. Fans of historical fiction and Jane Eyre in particular will relish this novel, and readers who enjoy a love story should definitely pick this one up."—Katherine Peterson, Fresh Fiction
  • "An original story with complex character development...(Sternberg) knows how to tell a story and she does it well....a refreshing tale."  Carolyne Van Der Meer, Bronte Studies journal, September 2011 Read this entire wonderful review by downloading the PDF:  

Why I Loved Writing This Book: Jane Eyre is among my favorite books, and I wanted to retell it in a way that made all its emotional high points "pop" again for the reader, while at the same time spinning my own, new yarn. This books is also available in hardcover through Five Star/Cengage.
Kit Austen's Journey by Libby Sternberg
An abused woman runs away from a murderous husband to start life over out west under a new identity. On the trail, however, she's haunted by her past, especially when she finds herself attracted to the taciturn trail boss, a man with his own sorrows. Struggling to remain true to her vows -- even though her husband is a villain -- she relearns important lessons about faith and love.
Why I Loved Writing This Book: I'm an admirer of inspirational fiction that isn't preachy but where religious belief isn't something that happens "off-screen." I had written this particular story as a historical romance years ago and decided that what it had always been missing was that faith element. It felt as if I were "coming home" when I reworked it as an inspirational.  
Death Is the Cool Night and Lost to the World  by Libby Sternberg
In Death Is the Cool Night, a heavy-drinking opera conductor can't remember the night his nemesis was killed -did he commit the crime or is his new love, a beautiful soprano, responsible for the murder? 

Sean Reilly, the detective who investigated the opera conductor's death, reappears in Lost to the World, looking into the murder of a Hopkins researcher on the eve of the big polio vaccine trials. His work is complicated by personal problems -- two young sons who need his attention -- and his lingering grief over his wife's death. When he starts to fall for a pretty secretary, herself a polio survivor, he begins to live again.

Why I Loved Writing These Books: Death Is the Cool Night allowed me to use my music background, which was a joy as I tried to convey moving passages of operas and art songs that I've loved. As to Lost to the World, I'd always wanted to write a mystery involving the polio vaccine work after reading several books about those involved in it. Lost to the World allowed me to keep Detective Sean Reilly's story going, too, as he grapples with grief in post-war America, with happiness and prosperity all around his island of sadness. Both books' titles, by the way, are English translations of German lied.
by Libby Malin 
(Harlequin, trade paperback)
After her fiance dies in a car crash, Amy Sheldon is stuck, with no career, no home and no love life...until a dark and handsome Don Juan enters her life, forcering her to confront her past as she moves into her future.  This book is also available in French.
FIRE ME by Libby Malin 
Anne Wyatt is about to hand in her resignation and move on to a better job when she learns her boss is going to lay off an employee by the end of the day. She changes course and decides to try for the pink slip instead--and the generous severance package that goes with it.  As she moves from one crazy antic to the next, she learns a lot about life and love.
by Libby Malin 
(originally published by Sourcebooks)
Head writer for a failing soap opera, Frankie McNally has her hands full -- a leading man with a broken leg, a vanishing secretarry, a writing team all looking to jump ship...and a real-life thief imitating a story on the show. A wealthy corporate marketing expert comes along to help her save the show....but in the process, she loses her heart.
The Bianca Balducci young adult mystery series: 
Uncovering Sadie's Secrets, Finding the Forger, Recovering Dad by Libby Sternberg
(Bancroft Press, hardcover; Dorchester Publishing, paperback) 
High school sophomore Bianca Balducci wants two things out of life: a boyfriend and...happiness. As she strives for these goals, she encounters a strange new girl hiding secrets, an art thief who threatens her friends' safety and the truth about her deceased father. The first book in this series was an Edgar finalist.
(Bancroft Press, hardcover)
Historical YA Mystery
Fifteen-year-old Carl Matuski is determined to clear his older brother, Adam, of a burglary charge in 1920s Portland, Oregon. His task is complicated by a virulent anti-Catholic campaign taking place at the same time. While Carl is convinced that campaign is fueling his brother's persecution, he can't ignore a growing pile of evidence to the contrary. A poignant coming-of-age story set against a little-known piece of American history. 

Edgar Finalist!
Mending Ruth's Heart by Libby Sternberg
Ruth Sanchez still mourns her fiance, lost in a mud slide on the Big Sur, two years after his death. Her parents and grandparents (Kit and Daniel from Kit Austen's Journey) send her to San Francisco to visit a family friend, feisty "reportress" Abigail Granville. Abby introduces Ruth to a new life and new possibilities, along with a new friend, Ted Crane, a young lawyer in town trying to help his criminal grandfather, Billy Crane, escape a death sentence. Can Ruth trust Ted? How will her family react when they learn she's become involved with the grandson of a man who'd tried to harm them long ago? Just as Ruth's heart begins to mend, the city itself shatters in the Great Earthquake of 1906.
Why I Loved Writing This Book: I really enjoyed revisiting Kit and Daniel through their granddaughter, Ruth, whose mixed heritage and stubborn spirit made her an interesting and fun character to write!
more humorous women's fiction/romantic comedy....
After the War by Libby Sternberg
A decade after the war, its devastation still haunts them...In the summer of 1955, a young nun awakens in Johns Hopkins Hospital after suffering an overdose, unable to remember the events that brought her there. As she recovers, she becomes the center of quiet struggles among those who surround her: her brother, a former GI still stung by betrayal during his years of service; her sister-in-law, a beautiful woman seeking love at any price; her confessor, a Jesuit priest who lost everything during the bombing of London; her nurse, a war widow whose sunny optimism leads to repeated disappointment; and her doctor, a psychiatrist beset by survival guilt and doubts about his profession's ability to heal. Suffering from unseen war wounds ten years after the fighting ended, they each find their way to a very personal peace.

"...a touching novel of faith and family...an evocative story of love lost and found, told with beautiful language and emotional clarity. A novel to savor."  Christy English, author of The Queen's Pawn.

Why I Loved Writing This Book:  As a baby boomer, World War II was a very real presence in my life--it hung over my parents' "Greatest" generation and cast its shadow and light over our lives, as well. After the War allowed me to take a sentimental journey back into time, to the youthful days of that generation. Read a blog post about this book here: http://www.istoriabooks.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-sentimental-journey-after-war-by.html
You can find info on my home page about all my books, but here are some deeper discussions of what inspired me to write some of my stories...