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FROM HERE by Elizabeth Malin

Three short stories that all deal with fresh starts, where to go "from here."

From Here: A semi-retired opera star prepares for a role with a small regional troupe, reminiscing about his life and a now-deceased mentor, a tenor who sang so beautifully he brought even the jaded narrator to tears.

The Diva and the Drug Addict: Two very different individuals are thrown together at a halfway house after spending time in therapy for personal problems. They learn to accommodate each other, but struggle with their singular challenges.

Russian Tropics: An obscure Romanov princess escapes to Florida with her uncle, but when he dies, she must make her way in the strange land alone, always hoping her family will join her. Fifteen years later, she works as a maid for a gentle employer who offers her a brighter future...just as a hurricane threatens the land and the truth threatens her heart.

Read more about this book and why I've started writing under "Elizabeth Malin" here.
Two sweet romances by Libby Malin
Legends and Fairy Tales Refashioned

In Rodeo Robin Hood, Marianne Greene reconnects with old high school crush Rob Woodsman as he battles to save his ranch, and she fights for professional success as a history professor. Both take jobs at a local Renaissance Faire to make ends meet, and sparks fly as they spar with each other.

Winning the Beauty's Heart follows Luanne Greene, Marianne's sister, as she charts a new life after breaking up with her long-time fiance. When she begins a relationship with Carson Woodsman, however, her happiness is imperiled by Carson's ex, a Hollywood starlet who believes she is the "fairest of them all" and works hard to bring Luanne down.
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For many years I’ve had a beef with Leo Tolstoy. In Anna Karenina, he’d written: "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Not so, Leo. Unhappy families are the ones with the depressing sameness…Happy families, or at least ones that manage to stay together and make a go of things, find a thousand different accommodations for each other’s imperfections, a thousand different sacrifices to make things work. Why hadn’t I been able to make those sacrifices for my own marriage?

A story that explores the depths of maternal love....

When Toni (Antoinette) cons her reluctant thirty-two-year-old daughter, Belle Norton, into accompanying her on a trip to France, mother and daughter spar about everything from how Belle dresses to her favorite painter, Monet. As they fight and make up over and over again, Belle comes to realize Toni has lured her on this journey to reveal an old secret that threatens to shake her world. To add to her stress, Belle deals with her own motherhood issues as she stays in touch with teen daughter Alyson, who is unhappy over Belle's plans to divorce Alyson's dad, Max. Mother and daughter, daughter and mother make their way through the gardens of their own love stories, encountering thorns that prick and beauty that enriches beyond measure.